Reporters without borders

Reporters Without Borders and BETC forcefully remind us of the essence of the work of journalists : giving everyone access to the facts.

This film presents four scenes as examples of facts that journalists allow us to shed light on: a prisoner detained in undignified conditions, exhausted migrants, some of whom will go no further, a young woman who is forcibly married, and the inert bodies of COVID-19 victims lined up on a distant ice rink. These scenes, painted like paintings, disappear little by little to leave only empty shots; and the film reminds us of the obvious : reality only exists if someone reports it.


Director : Vincent Rodella
Director of photography : Nikolay Poulsson
Production : Birth
Producer : Tristan Beraud


Agency: BETC
Executive Creative Director : Stéphane Xiberras
Associate Creative Directors : Jean-Michel Alirol and Dominique Marchand
Copywriter : Dominique Marchand
Art director : Jean-Michel Alirol
Assistant art director : Audrey Coffignot
TV producer : Jennifer Braux


Client : Reporters Without Borders